Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Pattern, Seven Bloggers - Fabric

Did you take a look at the other girls blog posts for the "one pattern, seven bloggers" project last week? There is such varied inspiration, I can't wait to see how the different dresses turn out. If you didn't take a look I've put all the links at the bottom of my last post

This week is just a quick posts to show you the fabric that I chose for this project:

Yup, I went with the geometric-y print wool/viscose blend fabric, and also bought a navy lining fabric to match as I plan to fully line the dress for warmth and so that I can wear it with tights without it clinging to my legs (hopefully).

I've been considering having a go at adding some piping to the dress... but I've never done piping before; does anyone have any tips? Or good tutorials or resources?

Again, here are (or will be) links to this weeks posts by the other 6 lovely ladies participating in this project:
Reana Louise:


  1. Ooooh I like that you got that one! It's so funky! And good for winter, the cold snap is definitely here brrrr

  2. Love the fabric! Such a cool print. I am not going to line mine. It just doesn't get cold enough on the gold coast to need a dress that warm.

  3. This is such an unusual print, I love it!!!

  4. Oooo - that's going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see how you get on. As for the piping, I haven't done it before, but Tasia, AKA Sewaholic, posted a tutorial on how to insert lace into seams:
    I recon you could follow this method for inserting piping. Maybe you would need to use a zipper foot when sewing though because of the bulk of the piping?

  5. I love the deep colours you've chosen - I've gone for a forest green, perfect for winter.

  6. Rachel I love your fabric pattern, and the wool blend sounds like it will be warm for winter? I can;t wait to see it sewn up :-) Sam xox

  7. That's going to be a great dress!

    Piping is not difficult, more fiddly. A zipper foot lets you get the needle right against the edge of the piping.

    This sitet has a great tutorial on making and sewing piping. And a project where I used piping.

    I found that stitching the piping to one piece of fabric, then sewing the two pieces of fabric together made it much easier. I could follow the first line of stitching, sewing just outside it, for perfect and invisibly seamed piping. Also, there's no need to cut the fabric on the bias unless you're piping curves.

  8. So how did the project goes? I'm pretty sure it turn out to be amazing, I am planning to make a gorgeous dress using a georgette fabric but I'm still looking for a pattern to use for it.


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