Sunday, February 19, 2012

Concentric Hexagons - Finished!

I set the goal of finishing this one before the boy got back from his holiday, and it was finished 11pm the night before he got back, hurrah! The quilt is now living on the boys bed (distinct from me giving the quilt to him, it's just on loan). It's BIG too, at least queen sized (2.1m square), but I haven't actually measured it now it's finished.

I don't know how people sew a whole quilt by hand with a running stitch though. I'm ok with a whip-stitch in English paper piecing, and a blind stitch for the back of the binding, but having to stitch the last 10 inches of binding down on the front by hand was actually really difficult!

The quilt started with some pre-cuts I was gifted a few years ago, and a mini challenge to myself to make something slightly modern out of the traditional style fabrics. Other than the "jelly roll" and "hunny bun" I added two solid hexagons from some matching fat quarters, and then a stack of cream homespun from Spotlight that matched the cream solid in the range. I then bought some matching fabric for the backing and binding. The wadding I used was just some cotton stuff from Spotlight (in a big unlabelled box, bought off the roll). I'm not sure I'd use it again, as it doesn't have much drape, but it's nice and warm.

It's the first full sized quilt that I've free motion quilted, I've only free motion quilted baby quilts before. I'm very proud that I managed it, it wasn't as difficult as I expected, it just took patience with getting the quilt situated so it wasn't pulling.

Bek has asked me for a sort of "how to" of the design process of this quilt, so at some point I will put something together for that.


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