Thursday, December 1, 2011

Garden 2011

A slight change of topic from sewing today: my garden, I hope you don't mind!

Since I moved into my current house 3.5 years ago, we have grown veges in the back garden to mixed success. Until now I've only really succeeded in growing tomatoes, but this year I have branched out and am trying some other veges. It remains to be said whether that decision was wise or not! Anyway, I wanted to share the beginnings of the progress in my vege patch.

Above is my Vege patch about a month ago, and below a photo of it now. Across the back wall you can see three tomato plants (two cherry, one "bush"), then to the right some cucumber plants, then further left some potatoes and right at the back some sweetcorn. There are also some herbs dotted around, including Basil, chives, oregano, and our ever continuing massive rosemary bush. As you can see below they have all been growing like mad in the last month! The standard Melbourne weather of showers then sunshine has done wonders for their growth.

Some highlights so far, (two) Cucumber(s)!

And some Cherry Tomatoes

I'm looking forward to seeing how they all grow and even more so to eating the product!


  1. Tomatoes are the only thing that I have any real success with. This year I finally got a couple of cucumbers, that was pretty neat. :) I let my cukes grow along the ground, though, and it looks like you have staked yours, maybe I should try that!

  2. Yay gardens! I adore gardens and can't wait to have my very own proper one. At the moment everything is surviving out of pot plants. Please do garden posts whenever you like, I adore seeing the progress! :D

  3. That's growing really well! We interplant marigolds as a pest repellant.

  4. Your vegie patch looks fabulous - I really want to start doing this too!

  5. Wonderful pictures! I only wish I could have a little bit of space to arrange for a garden! hope with the new year approaching my wish will come true! Merry Christmas and A Happy New year!


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