Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A bit of a Sewaholic Day

Saturday morning I finished my second version of the Crescent SkirtMy first one gets worn a LOT, it's become one of the 'go to' items in my wardrobe, so I thought it was about time that I got around to making the second version I planned way back when I got the pattern. The fabric I've used is some more of the spotty sateen that I used for my "seeing spots" quilt.

Firstly I need to show you this photo so that some of the below ones make sense - I don't usually pair a green skirt with blue and pink wellies, but you see it was pouring down with rain here on Saturday when I first wore the skirt so I was also wearing my Minoru:

(do you see the awesome street art lion in the background?)

And onto the skirt...

As I know from working with it before that this sateen is very fine and frays quite easily I decided to follow the suggestion in the sewalong and sew french seams wherever I could, which makes it look lovely inside:

I also used Tasia's fantastic zip method, which looks so smart, and no hand sewing!


Because the seam lines in the waistband cut up the spots somewhat I decided to emphasise those lines by topstitching either side of the seams with brown thread, using the triple stretch stitch on my machine:

And some pics of the skirt on me:


And a couple where the waistband isn't covered:



  1. This is such a fun Crescent Rachel, I love your fabric choice! And I actually think all the colours and prints in the very first picture look brilliant together...way to brighten up a dull day ;o)

  2. Very nice - the top stitching is lovely. You did a much neater zip than my attempt at Tasia's 'no hand sewing insertion method'...I think I need a bit more practice!

  3. Melbourne laneway street art is awesome isn't. I don't know this pattern but it looks great. The topstitching lifts it to another level. Love your coat too.

  4. That's great looking topstitching, and it really is a cute skirt - I'm sure you'll wear it heaps!


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