Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sock Progress: One down...

I've already shown you the initial progress of my first socks, but I've come a long way with them since then.

After making the leg of the sock as long as I wanted it I followed what the pattern said and carried on knitting only half of the stitches in a k1s1 manner to make the heel flap:

The k1s1 stitch was quite fun, as on the rows where the yarn changed colour I'd end up with stitches o alternating colours. It was tricky to get the hang of though and I think my tension was a bit tight.

Then I went on to what I'm informed are "short rows" to shape the heel:

They were even more fun as they were nice and simple as long as I kept good count of where I was and made the sock start to become 3D!

Next came the gusset, which I also found quite easy. The hardest bit was working out where to pick up the stitches, but I didn't stress about it too much and just focused on getting the right number of stitches:

Then it was onto the foot, which was super easy after the complicated-ness of the heel! Before I knew it I had enough foot and just had to do the toe:

I even braved it and looked up a video to learn the "kichener stitch" to finish off the end of the toe, and voila, a sock!!!

I cast on the second sock straight away (this was back on the 2nd of Jan) and I'm now a little over half way through it. I think I see some more knitting time over the next few days as I REALLY want to finish these. The pace has slowed slightly as I'm back at work, but as I'm getting the hang of it now I can do it while watching TV as long as the show isn't too involved (ie it's fine with most of the TV that I watch!)

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