Friday, July 13, 2012

Laura's Quilt - 1- Inspiration & Fabrics

One of the reasons that I've come over to England this July is for the wedding of one of my best friends, Laura. As a wedding pressie for her and her husband-to-be I made them a quilt. This is actually the secret project I mentioned here back in January. Now that I have given them the quilt I can finally share the quilt and the progress of making it. I actually quite enjoy sharing the progress of making quilts, so even though the quilt is finished and with its new owners I'm going to tease you with it a bit longer and post a short series of posts about the creation of this quilt.

The creation of the quilt started right back last November when I asked Laura for some input on colours and styles that she liked. While I kept the final quilt itself a secret, I wanted some guidance with what she did and didn't like to increase the chance of making something she(/they) would like. So, as a starting point I asked her to take a look at quilts I'd added on pinterest and marked as a favourite on flickr and tell me which ones she liked. Above and below are many of the quilts that she said she liked, from which I got the inspiration for the quilt I ended up making.

1. Mod Times Quilt - finished!, 2. innocent crush kaleidoscope quilt, 3. HST Sheet Quilt , 4. Pinwheel Quilt

 She also told me that her favourite colour was purple, and her husband-to-be's favourite colour was green, so I enthusiastically chose that colour scheme. A trip to spotlight and I managed to find some fabric in the exact colour scheme I was imagining:

Once I had those two, I then hunted out other fabrics to match. It turned out to be harder than I thought, I hadn't chosen 'fashionable' colours - all the purples were too pink and all the greens too yellow for what I wanted. I managed to find some in bricks and mortar stores in Melbourne and Perth, but most of them came from the internet. This is the selection I ended up with:

What would you make from the above inspiration and the fabrics I bought? I'll be back in my next post with the next stage of the process and you'll find out what I decided on.

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