Friday, July 13, 2012

Little Fabric Haul

Remember how I told you about my Gran's fabric sale the other day? Well of course I got first dibs on the fabric, while going through folding it all I put some aside for myself.

A very modest selection considering how much was available I think! Some pieces possibly big enough for some garment sewing, but mostly 'stash building' stuff that I can realistically see myself using. I think I was very restrained. Most of it has been put in a box to be sent by sea, but some of it is packed away into my suitcase for use sooner!


  1. Aww Winnie the Poo! Love any fabric that has him on it :) I went mad when I was at Cleggs once, hehe! I also like the top three prints in the centre pile, cute cute xx

  2. My eye was drawn towards the electric colours in the batik style prints. It'll be interesting to see what these want to be turned into.


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