Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cabled Neck Warmer

Before I went away I shared a sneak peek at a new knitting project. That project was a little neck warmer. It was inspired by one that my friend Claire had made, so she kindly wrote me up some very cute instructions on how to make one myself:

The only change I made was to put the button holes at the beginning rather than the end, since I had started it at her house she was there to offer moral support for the button holes if I did it at the beginning!

Above and below are some pics that show the knit pattern that I chose (a nice and simple cable pattern, that I can't remember the name of... I picked it out of a book of knitting stitches that Claire has).

Combined with the variegated blue yarn it kind of looks like a wavy ocean doesn't it?

After blocking I just needed to add a couple of buttons and it was done! I got these lovely little wooden buttons from GJs and it think they're just perfect!

It's already been worn a few times - it's perfect for keeping the chill off my neck while I'm riding, without adding the extra bulk inside my jacket that a longer scarf does.

(The ravelry entry for this project can be seen here)

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