Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inspiration: Hand Knit Sweaters

Since I'm coming closer and closer to completing my Miette Cardigan I've started thinking about what my next knitting project could be. Maybe one of the cardigans I posted about before, or maybe a sweater. Here are some sweater patterns I particularly like that I found at the same time as the cardigan patterns, maybe I could make one of these next. What do you think?

(Click on the photos for links to the patterns on ravelry)

Bevin | Arm Candy | Sea of Jeans

Briar Rose
Julissa | Chantalle | Larissa

Waiting for Spring | 3 Hour Sweater | Ayana

PS: You can find me on Ravelry here


  1. Corazon is gorgeous - Maybe in a plum colour?

    1. ooh, lovely idea! you've got me thinking if plum would fit into my current wardrobe...

  2. Corazon is gorgeous. I also like Arm Candy, it's simple yet sweet and in your favourite colour you would wear it endlessly.
    Briar rose is divine and I quite like Ayana and Chantalle

  3. Love the neckline on Julissa, and the short sleeves on Larissa - both perfect for your 'soon to be' summer...

  4. I am voting for Corazon too, or the 3 hour one, does that mean you can make it in 3 hours? That would be my kind of knitting. The wide bit of ribbing at the bottom is gorgeous. I wish I could do this knitting thing, I tried and have 5 little swatch squares of a few different stitches but I got impatient, how long until I can knit without looking so I can watch tv or ride the bus or take it on a long car journey?! Haha ;)

    I think my Nana and I need to have a bit of a sit down and knit session, I'm sure I'd learn better watching and mimicking her.

    1. I think it's supposedly supposed to be 3 hours yes, but i think you've have to be able to knit SUPER fast for it to take three hours! It'd take me FAR longer than that. Either way it's really lovely.


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