Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Miette - Gathering resources

In preparation for actually starting the knitting on my Miette I have looked up resources for the different stitches, and any tips for the pattern etc.

First up, there has conveniently been a Miette knit-along hosted by Gail, with some incredibly detailed posts with all sorts of information. She doesn't actually have a list of the posts on her blog (although they're all under the knit-along tag), so rather than have to scroll through them in reverse order, I thought I'd post a list of links here (for my own use as much as anything):

1 - making a plan2 - gauge and sizing3 - how much yarn4 - lets knit5 - some more yarn notes6 - top down raglan construction7 - more on swatches8 - fixing mistakes, 9 - removing sleeves10 - row 2511 - next part12 - sleeves, 13 - sleeve tv14 - button bands15 - buttons

I found it very helpful to read through all these posts before I stared, as they allowed me to see what hurdles would be coming as I progressed, and intend to refer back to some of them as I reach those stages.

The next thing I did was make sure I was happy with all the stitches required by the pattern (some of which I've never done before). Here are the stitches in the glossary that are new to me or I wanted a refresher, and the resources for them that I used:

CO (Cast On): I needed to use the long tail cast on, which is what I normally use, and also knitting on
kfbl (knit front and back loop): I used this video
ktbl (knit through back loop): I used this video
m1 (make one): I used these two videos (only using a make one left): video 1,  video 2
ptbl (pearl through back loop): I used this video
yo (yarn over): I used this video

The only stitch left that I haven't got a resource for is BO (bind off) - when I've bound off before it's always been quite tight and not stretchy - I don't think that's what I want for the bottom of this cardigan, so can anybody suggest a suitable bind off (and ideally instructional video)?

(PS: the ravelry project for my miette is here)


  1. It's so awesome that you can knit a cardigan and find all the resources you need online! Just one of the many things I love about the online crafty community. My friend recently used Jenny's Super Stretchy Bind off for Hannah Fettig's Fetherwight cardigan as her original bind off was too tight. A good video on this is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53Mtbkyf5CQ

    Hope that helps! Can't wait to see your finished Miette!

  2. There's nothing much like a sew/knit along for information :) I will be of absolutely no assistance with the whole bind-off thing, but I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing about your progress. It's a gorgeous cardi!

  3. I have the same problem binding off. My mum just taught me to use a larger needle when you bind off. It usually works a treat.


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