Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lunch time fabric shopping... now with added Amanda...

Last Friday I had a very exciting lunch break; the fabulous Amanda was in town, and since she asked for fabric store recommendations in Melbourne, I offered to catch up with her in my lunch break in Fitzroy to visit The Fabric Store and the Alanah Hill outlet (that also sells fabric).

I wasn't intending on buying fabric myself, I was just planning on being a fabric enabler, but you know those kinds of plans never pan out, and I ended up purchasing the above pieces. On the left is some feintly striped jersey from The Fabric Store- you can't say no to a $4.80 t-shirt can you!? And on the right is a lovely print drapey shiney something from Alannah Hill. The "right" side of the fabric is VERY shiny, but the "wrong" side is just matte enough and the colours just as vibrant so I suspect that side is what shall be used. It is going to become a dress, I'm just not sure what design yet; if you have any ideas or suggestions please share! I got 2.5m of it.

Anyway, I had a great (but brief) time with Amanda, who is just as fabulous in real life as she is on her blog, and can't wait for when she comes down to Melbourne again (she has promised to try and make it to a Social Sewing weekend! Let's do our best to make her stick to that!). Sadly however, we didn't get a pic together as I encouraged her to run for the tram just as we were parting, quickly curtailing photographic opportunities.


  1. Manda missed out on a photo opp? Seriously!?
    Lovely fabrics BTW - looking forward to seeing your makes

  2. How fun!!! So you work near the fabric store?? Jealous!!! My office used to be around the corner from Clegs and Lincraft. I spent every lunchtime there.

  3. Oh I love that aqua fabric! That is such a great store, I can't ever go in there without coming out with a bag of stuff... there's all that fashion downstairs too soo cheap!!


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