Thursday, November 1, 2012

Some Blog Awards...

Excitingly I've been nominated for two blog awards in the last couple of weeks - how lucky am I?!

First up, SewBusyLizzy nominated me for The Lovely Blogger Award - Thank You Lizzy!

The rules for the One Lovely Blog Award are as follows:
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to him/her in your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers you admire.
  • Leave a comment on each of these blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.
Ok... my 7 things...
  1. I'm a really slow reader. I even once went to a speed reading class, but that didn't help. (The techniques they showed us were a bit BS if you ask me)
  2. When I first moved to Melbourne I used to go rock climbing at least twice a week. I really want to start going again (but I've become quite lazy and tend to get hibernatory over winter)
  3. I cannot do chin ups. Despite spending quite a long time trying to train to do one, I've never been able to do even one chin up.
  4. I can play the cello and piano. I wish I still played them but I don't currently have a piano and I don't enjoy playing the cello on my own.
  5. I am incredibly clumsy. I'm constantly covered in bruises and rarely know how I got them all.
  6. I'm left handed! All the cool kids are I recon ;)
  7. I'm so much more a fruit person than a vege one. I LOVE summer fruits, and miss the quality of the raspberries/peaches etc that I used to get in the UK compared to here. I love the cherries at Christmas and strawberries almost all year round here in Oz though!
And now the bloggers I'd like to nominate (in no particular order):
(mostly dressmaking links, I'm definitely on a dressmaking bender these days and less in love with quilting at the moment)

Secondly, TheCuriousKiwi nominated me for a Thank You Award - Thank you Mel!

This award stipulates that you should thank and link to the last nine bloggers to comment on your blog... (some duplicates with the above list I'm afraid):
  1. Carolyn
  2. Gail
  3. Neeno
  4. Rachel
  5. Melanie
  6. Helen
  7. Danika
  8. Bella
  9. Kat
A massive thank you to the above bloggers and everybody else that takes the time to comment on my blog - I really do appreciate every single comment, even if I don't reply to them all. They really encourage me, and all the help and suggestions you provide are so valuable!


  1. Thank you so much for the nominations ...

  2. Your a doll Rachel! It's been a pleasure chatting to you and getting to know you!

  3. Thanks Rach :) You know, I had a feeling you might be a cellist - you have the particular grace that seems to come with playing that instrument. How do I know? I play violin... well, I played - for many years. Then I got to uni and it was all boys and booze. oops.

    1. And you're totally right. The quality of stone fruit we get here is abismal!

  4. Thank you so much Rachel!

    D'ya wanna hear something cool/funny? I checked out your month in instagrams below... and I have that very same pink and gold teacup set! It's Australian Westminster fine china, right? :)

  5. Wow, thank you! I'll have to do some nominations of my own this weekend.

  6. Congrats hun :) It's nice to be recognised for the inspiring blogging that you do :)

  7. Thanks so much for the award Rachel, from one clumsy blogger to another it is then ;o) Don't worry about the chin ups by the way, I can't do any either...hehe!

  8. Hi Rachel - thanks so much for the nomination! I don't even feel worthy of it because I have been an awful (read non-existant!) blogger the last couple of months!!!
    Hoping to get back in the flow of it soon though :)


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