Sunday, February 17, 2013

Community Minded...

Don't you just love the sewing community we have? I know I do! There's so many different ways to get involved and everyone is so kind and encouraging. I thought today, in lieu of an actual garment post as I suck at getting photos, I would talk about some community type things...

First up is Social Sewing! Just a quick reminder that next Saturday, the 23rd of Feb, is our next Social Sewing Day. If you're planning on coming can you please let me know so I have a vague idea of numbers.

A few of us were planning on making it a crinoline sewing day, buying the tulle at GJs and getting started on making our own crinolines with some moral support thrown in. If you'd like to join us with that too then you're more than welcome!

Have you seen that JuliaBobbin is hosting the second round of her "Mad Men Challenge". In case you haven't heard, all you need to do is sew something up that's inspired by Mad Men and send her a photo (or blog link) by the 19th of April. I am so definitely in! Sadly I couldn't join in last year as I was too busy with other things, but this year I'm definitely joining in!!!

Lastly, #sewingdares!! Have you seen #sewingdares around the place? The lovely Gillian started issuing dares to people on twitter, and then on her blog. It's all in good fun, and just aimed to get you to try something just outside your comfort zone. I wanted to join up straight away but needed to be realistic; this was while I was still doing the sew-along, I didn't have time for a dare! However, now the sewalong is over I do! So the other day I asked Gillian for a dare and she came up with a great one:

"Make something to wear under a dress"

So many possibilities!!! I think making the crinoline as part of this dare would be cheating though, as I was already scheduled to have a go at making one at Social Sewing. I've been wanting to try undies for quite a while, so might try that but will need to grab some elastic. Or leggings are a good possibility too... As I said, so many possibilities!!

Also, I have some exciting news; I've (finally) booked my flights to come across to Europe for three weeks in July! I'm really excited! I'm also hoping to meet up with some of you lovely stitchers while I'm there; Who is free on Saturday 3rd of August for a meet-up in London?

Are there any nice community type things that you've seen around or are joining in with? Will you be joining in with the things I've mentioned? And lastly, does anybody know of any good resources for people beginning their sewing adventure?


  1. I'll be there :) I've been reading up on the plethora of crinoline tuturials out there too. Seems pretty simple!
    I'm going to try and make the Mad Men deadline too ;)
    Better get back to studying...

  2. I can only make it for a couple of hours so will join you around 1.30.. Bringing along my mad men dress muslin for some fitting tips!

  3. Hey lovely lady! I won't be making it to this sewing social, but I am COMMITTED to March's as little Harry will be big and hairy enough to cope without me.

    How exciting a trip to Europe! I wish I could come with you!

  4. Ooh we'll have to revisit the london meetup nearer the time but that could be great fun!!

  5. So many fun social sewing things going on! I'm really intrigued to see what you come up with for your sewing dare! :)


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