Thursday, February 21, 2013

SewcieTea Practice Dress #1

I'm still super excited about the SewcieTea (pronounced like society), and have already started the planning process for my dress. As I'm still incredibly nervous about cutting into the liberty fabric, so I decided to use some similar weight fabric to make a practice dress. You actually saw a sneak peek of this dress the other day.

The fabric I chose is a cotton (voile?) from The Fabric Store, which has a really cool stripe running through it  in addition to the floral print. It's so beautifully soft and drapey!

The dress is made using the same bodice pattern as the peacock dress that I shared the other day, except I changed the neckline (lowered the front, raised the back) and extended the shoulders slightly to give a slight cap sleeve effect. The other difference was that rather than a drndl gathered skirt, I added a circle skirt to the dress.

The circle skirt was a deliberate choice, for reasons not exclusively aesthetic; after the 50s style bridesmaid dress I made and wore last year I pledged that all dresses worn to weddings should be fun to dance in, and as the SewcieTea dress will hopefully also be worn to a wedding later in the year this was part of the thought process.


I think I'm going to make some minor modifications to the pattern before making the liberty version:
  • The armholes need some tweaking to make them slightly bigger to allow for full unaffected arm movement
  • I want to add a waistband between the skirt and the bodice to lower the point where the skirt starts but keeping the bodice stopping at the waistband.
I'm considering doing the waistband in a solid coordinating fabric, as I found a lovely blue fabric that matches the blue of the roses on our shopping trip the other week. I'm also considering adding an outside facing of sorts around the neckline in the same coordinated fabric. What do you think? Do you think that would look nice or naff?

And I'm going to finish this post with this lovely pic of a rose that Darren took while taking photos of this dress for me.


  1. Love this fabric! Did you see katherine from Bloom's Endless summer just posted a gorgeous kaftan in this same fabric! Some awesome twirlability going on here :) I definitely reckon go with a waistband in a matching solid. It's something I would do!

  2. Great fit and a perfect style for girls with curves. I'm a bit of a sucker for contrasting bands, so if you like it go for it.

  3. What a gorgeous summer dress... and love the twirling to go with it! I like the idea of a waistband in a solid colour as well and looking forward to seeing it made up too :)

  4. Best. Twirling. Ever. This is such a fab frock on you, chica! And the fabric is divine!!!! I am all for the waistband and facing. I love me some features!

  5. I love circle skirts!!!
    Great dress, so nice and drapey :)

  6. What lovely fabric - wish I'd seen this when we (Sydney Social) were at The Fabric Store... Your dress is great, the neckline is really nice on you and the twirl factor looks so fun! I think having a border or facing around the neckline that matches the waistband would look really good. Maybe even around the armholes too...

  7. Your dress looks lovely! I saw you on the Sewing Map, and thought I'd check the Melbourne area, as that is where I was born. Love the peacock dress too! Look forward to following you!

  8. Aw, so pretty! It does make me want to drink tea and swirl around. :)


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