Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Me-Made-May 13 - I'm In!


This year Zoe is hosting another me-made month, and after umming and erring since she announced it, I've decided to sign-up. I took part in Me-Made -May in 2010, and Me-Made-March in 2011, pledging to wear at least one me-made item each day, and found it a nice challenge.

However, although my me-made wardrobe is substantially more now than it was then, I'm not sure that I have enough me-made items to exclusively wear me-made clothes (oh one day... one day), and have had other things that I've needed to work on so haven't been able to address those gaps quite yet (also that seems against the ethos of making clothes, to replace clothes for the sake of it just because they're RTW).

So since Zoe announced this years challenge I've been pondering about whether to join in. I've been thinking that it's a bit of a cop-out to sign up for the same challenge that I managed two years ago.

However, with seeing more and more people signing up I felt left out, so, sheep that I am, I have decided to sign up anyway:

I, Rachel of MyMessings, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '13. 
I endeavour to wear as many me-made items as possible every day day for the duration of May 2013. This will be a minimum of one item every day, but hopefully with a few entirely me-made outfits each week (excluding undies, tights, shoes etc).

I haven't committed to only wearing me-made items, but I will do my best to restrict the non-me-made things. Are you joining in? I hear that it's the biggest me-made month to date.


  1. Sooo many people are doing this... I would only be able to do it on weekends, being stuck in high vis during the week. Looking forward to seeing the pics :)

  2. Oh, you are so brave doing this! I'll look forward to enjoying your pics and how to combine your clothes.


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