Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AQC 2012

This past weekend I spent a few enjoyable hours at this years AQC (Australasian Quilt Convention). As I did last year, I thought I'd share some pictures of my favourite quilts on display:

(click on the photos to see them larger, apologies for the quality, photos were all taken on my iphone)

This design reminds me of a kalidescope of some kind:

This brightly coloured one had some gorgeous coloured quilting that really added to the quilt:

This was a disapearing 9 patch with some gorgeous japanese fabrics, but I particularly liked the borders:

There were quite a few quilts that I was drawn to made of these pieced 1/4 circles and circles. Does anybody know if these designs have a name?

This one was completely hand sewn - piecing and quilting. The quilting in the borders added an amazing texture, and the blocks looked great:

This quilt, that was essentially made of HSTs was lovely:

How cool is this guy (I actually saw a pattern for this on sale, but I don't remember which stall):

This quilt was made of silk so had a lovely sheen that really set off the beautiful quilting:

The background "Tiles" on this mini quilt create such a unique effect:

At first I thought the curved lines around the inside of the circle were ricrac, but on closer inspection I saw that it was embroidery floss twisted through a running stitch. Beautiful effect:

Amazing use of black and white:

How cute are these little guys:

And I saved my favourite for last:

This one was a black wholecloth quilt that had then been painted with metallic paints and then quilted. The skill was just awe-inspiring, the combination of painting and stitching was so precice that It took me a while to realise that it was infact a wholecloth quilt! Amazing, really amazing.


  1. I love all the emu's featured! Thanks for sharing these great photos, Sam xox

  2. Rachel, the 1/4 circle blocks are called New York Beauty. Check out the block designs by Donna Duquette at


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