Thursday, October 4, 2012

Great Stuff... #3

Today I thought I'd post another collection of links that I've seen around the internets and thought worth sharing, I hope you enjoy...

Sunni is working through an "everyday wardrobe gameplan" which is well worth following along if you find you sew stuff and then don't end up wearing it very much.
This tip for marking darts has transformed things for me.
Andi has released a new sweater pattern, the chuck sweater, and it's gorgeous!
And k-line has already knit one up!
Have you got one of those japanese (or english translation) pattern magic books? Maybe you should join in with the pattern magic challenge.
You're not convinced, look at these amazing spiral leggings that Carolyn has made from one of the pattern magic books.
These 10 signs you're a fabriholic are a great read, as are  and these 5 more signs
Stitched in color has posted a really interesting Craft Show Series recently
Poppykettle has posted a fantastic method for sewing miniature hems
And while we're talking about great tips, this tip for tracing out patterns from carolyn is genius!
And lastly, foursquarewalls has posted a great cardigan that she made by modifying the renfrew pattern.

I hope your weeks are going well!

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  1. Thank you for the mention and for your comment on my blog too. Some other commenters from the UK mentioned that the bread ties are available over there too :) Hope you have a great weekend!


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