Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Love Vintage Show

Last Friday I went on a very exciting trip to the Love Vintage show with the lovely KaseKat and Mindy. It was heaps of fun. There was so much beautiful stuff there! Some of it very reasonably priced and some of it reeeeally expensive!

I went along intending on just looking around and hanging out with some awesome ladies, which certainly happened. But I also came home with a BEAUTIFUL vintage sundress that fit me perfectly! It was from the lovely lady at Audrey Scarlett Vintage who sneakily persuaded me to try it on while I was admiring it, and when it fit so well there was no way I wasn't taking it home with me! I don't have any pics of me in the dress yet, but I will definitely share them when I do.

Below is the lovely Catherine from Audrey Scarlett Vintage, with Kase and Kat:

Also one last quick pic of a label for a different dress on the same stall, I just HAD to snap a pic when I saw the "yay pockets!" comment! hehe! So true!!!

Thanks for a fab evening girls, and particular thanks to Kase for inviting me along :)

PS: You all need to get on Kase's back about blogging, as I think she'd be really good at it, she just needs to jump in and do it!

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