Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Month in Instagram...

I love Rachel's Instagram wrap-up posts so thought I'd do one of my own to share what I've snapped. I don't have enough pics to post every week, but here is my last month on Instagram...


If you want to add me, my username over there is maiestia.

Do you have instagram? If so, what's your username? I'd love some new people to follow...


  1. Hi Rachel, liking all your photos - & have started following you on instagram. I'm miniandmerky on there. Bit of a random mix of sewing, food and gardening! (I love that you have bits of gardening on here too!)

  2. I'm Neeno_24 :)
    The strawberries and chocolate... omg nom

  3. Oh that rainbow quilt is gorgeous! I'm following you now :o)


Comments make me smile :)

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