Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Prints Framed and Hung

Do you remember the Cate Parr watercolour prints I was trying to choose back in June? Well I finally made a decision and bought the prints in September. I have since gotten them framed and onto the wall...

Yes, I went with option 2 in the end. But there was MUCH deliberation. They're now on the wall above my desk in my room, the little corner that makes my little sewing area. I love how they look on the wall, it was exactly what I was after.

I wanted to take a moment to share the amazing place that I ended up getting the frames from. The shop is called "Frames Readymade" and is 352 Lygon Street, Brunswick East. They're only open Thurs-Sat 10-14, but it turns out that's because they make the frames on site. They have a great range of frames, and the staff are super helpful.

I got some standard size frames, but I had to get one mat custom cut (for the bargainous price of $8!) for the print of the hands/dandelions as it's a bit taller than the other two. My boyfriend also got some frames there, including one that was custom sized that ended up costing half the price of the other quote we got, and the service was infinitely better.

If you're in Melbourne and are in the market for any frames I highly recommend trying out Frames Readymade. Overall I'm a very happy camper, both with my superb art and the frames that the prints are contained in!


  1. Thanks for the framing tip - always helpful! Beautiful prints.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation!! I need a very large frame, I think A1? I have some life drawings that I did and I'd like to put one in a frame but haven't been able to find a large enough frame :)

    I'll check them out, thank you Rachel!!!!

  3. They're totally gorgeous - I love watercolours. Thanks for the info on the framers - I'm always looking for recommendations on things like this!


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