Sunday, December 2, 2012

Balcony Garden - Week 12 - The Fruits of my Labour

The last few weeks have been exciting for my garden - I've started getting ripe strawberries!

These aren't all the strawberries I've had,  but these are the ones I've photographed. So far I've had a few of the Lowanna  strawberries (the bigger ones), and quite a lot of wild strawberries (the tiny ones). I have to say, the wild strawberries don't look like much, but WOW do they taste amazing! Like a little strawberry taste explosion in your mouth!

Not all has been great however. Below are the first two strawberries I picked. I was so excited to have strawberries that were ripe...

but look at the other side:

Something else had already decided they looked like a good snack! BOO!

And in other news, my herbs are certainly the unsung heroes of my balcony garden; I've been finding myself frequently going out and picking herbs to use when I'm cooking. Fresh thyme makes bolognaise taste delicious!

And look! Tomatoes growing! This is the first one I spotted, taken a couple of weeks ago now. I've now got a few more growing on the various plants, and my cherry tomato plant is taller than me!


  1. The birds got to a couple of my strawberries too :( they are attracted to the red - I put a chicken wire tunnel over them, all protected now! I love the ease of just going outside to harvest a handful of herbs for cooking too, so yummy, they make a big difference to the flavour.
    I'm jealous of your tomatoes, I have a lot of flowers, I hope they change to fruit soon.

  2. Strawberries! My garden is doing well, but the grubs have destroyed the bok choy. I heard fish emulsion might help. Do you have any suggestions.


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