Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Top 5's of 2012

Around this time each year I've done a wrap-up post (2011, 2010, 2009), and since this year I added some pages to my blog listing my finished garments and my quilts, rather than doing a full summary I thought I'd join in with all the other bloggers that are taking part in the top 5 lists suggested by Gillian.

But first a quick recap: So far I have made 24 garments this year, and 7 quilts (two of which were queen/double bed sized) and two quilt tops. Less than previous years, but between a month in the UK, moving house and starting a new job, I don't think that's too bad! Besides there's still a few days left...

Now onto the lists...



My five favourite garments this year are shown above (click on the image for the posts about those garments):
  1. Miette Cardigan. Aside from being thrilled to have knitted my first real garment of clothing, I love it. I've worn it so much since making it, it goes with so many things still in my wardrobe.
  2. First Cambie - In addition to loving that I finally used this fabric, This dress is fab! The a-line skirt is just perfect and I wear it a lot to work!
  3. Thurlow Shorts - I practically lived in these through the winter. They are amazing! So comfortable! I think I need to make at least one other pair for next winter, and maybe a summer pair.
  4. International Bridesmaids Dresses - I partly love these dresses (that I'm counting as one creation) because they remind me of the absolutely amazing day I had at Laura's wedding, but I'm also thrilled with how they turned out, particularly how well Anna's dress fit her.
  5. Portrait Blouse - Another make from fabric that had been in my stash for a while, but also my first full bust adjustment. This blouse is just so comfy to wear and goes with lots of things, a great make!
And even though it's technically breaking the rules, I can't completely ignore the quilts I've made, and of the 7 these three are my favourites:




  1. Jasmine Blouse - The fit on this was completely off. It was promptly gifted to a friend who it did fit, and I believe has found a lovely home there. I still want to re-visit this pattern though, and it was only supposed to be a wearable muslin after all.
  2. Thurlow Trousers - This 'fail' was completely due to fabric choice. Exactly the same size as the shorts, but the fabric had a lot more give/stretch and they were just too big. These have also found another home.
  3. Rooibos Dress - Not a fail exactly, but in it's initial state the dress wasn't living up to it's potential. I have since added some thin black trim to some of the seamlines and it's fabulous now (I need to get pics so I can blog this)
  4. T-shirt fails - There are a couple of t-shirts that I've made that both didn't quite work out for various reasons. Although I still wear them under dresses, I'm acutely aware of their problems and they're more ones I reach for when I need to get around to doing laundry.
  5. My Wallet - Not a failure in that I didn't use it, as I've used it every day since I made it, but a disappointment in how it lasted. The iron on vinyl that I used on the outside started cracking within a week of making the wallet. It's a proper mess now, and I really need to get around to making a new one!


I can't actually think of 5 of these, I'm evidently not in the biggest of naval gazing moods today, so here's my 4:
  1. Front and centre - KNITTING! I am so happy that I decided to try knitting last Christmas. I was expecting to enjoy it as much as I have, and also it's so exciting that I've added another category of items that I can make myself.
  2. Full Bust Adjustments - I've done two FBAs on patterns, and I'm very happy to have tried them, as fit on those two garments is fantastic. 
  3. Pattern drafting - I took a short course on basic pattern making, and I have realy enjoyed it. It was a very basic course, but it was good to start properly at the beginning and work on the details like precise drafting. 
  4. Community - I won't say too much here as that belongs in the below 'inspiration' heading, but the community aspect of my sewing really has been amazing this year in particular.


I've recently posted a list of bloggers that I find inspiring, so I won't list more now. However, I decided to keep this header to mention one thing that I have seriously benefited from this year - that's connecting with the Melbourne (and Australian) Sewing Blogging community. Following Rachel's meet-up in August, and then starting Social Sewing I have found it absolutely amazing to meet new people, and make some really great new friends and connect with them in person as well as online.


I don't really want to make too many specific goals for next year, I want to take it as comes, but here are 5 mostly general goals:
  1. Most important is to enjoy sewing. It's my hobby, and it's important to me that I continue to enjoy it. Not to impose things on myself that make it unenjoyable.
  2. Having said that, I do still want to push myself and learn new things. This year I have learnt a few things - FBAs, knitting, but there's plenty more to learn! Particularly about fitting
  3. Continue to engage with the sewing community both online and in person. Inspiration, advice, friendship... and many other things, there's so much to gain by connecting with other people with a shared interest!
  4. My first ever sew-along - I'm so excited for this! I can't wait!
  5. And lastly a slightly more specific one; sew from a vintage pattern - I've got a few in my stash now but haven't sewn from any of them yet, so one of my goals is to make up at least one of the vintage patterns I own


  1. What a fabulous recount of your year! You've made some beautiful things. I too am so glad to have met some wonderful people through sewing and blogging. I really hope to get to your Social Sewing days in 2013. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Leith. I look forward to hopefully seeing you at a Social Sewing this year :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rachel. It's always a surprise when you actually tally up how much you've done!

  3. I love your floral cambie dress and I'm awestruck by the wallet. thanks for the reference to the tutorials.

    1. Thanks! And no worries about the tutorial links, I always try and share where I got information and resources from

  4. I'm sorry your wallet didn't hold up - It's so cute!

    1. I know! So frustrating as I really loved the fabric, not that it's stopped me using it mind! I would have been better of just using the fabric and more interfacing, it would have lasted better than the iron on vinyl did. Nevermind, it's an excuse to make another one.

  5. Whoa, when you put it all in one post I'm absolutely gob-smacked you got through it all in one year! Those quilts? Incredible! I'm looking forward to seeing your 2013 :)

    1. I know! It's a good exercise to recap I think, as it puts things into perspective, particularly if you're feeling down about your productivity


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