Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Quilt: For Olivia

This quilt is my first 'commission' of sorts. The boy asked me if I would make a quilt for Olivia, his new baby niece.

We spent a while looking through pictures of quilts looking for inspiration, settling on this quilt in my flickr favourites, that I quite blatantly copied in the design of the quilt.

We then went shopping at GJs to choose a colour scheme and fabrics. We settled on green and pink, I showed you the fabrics back in this post. Then came the normal cutting, stitching, trimming and more stitching...

The backing is this cute animals print, the scale of which was too big for the front, but was too perfect in colour scheme to keep out of the quilt entirely.

The main change (and I think improvement) that I made compared to the inspiration quilt was the quilting design. I quilted 1/4" inch away from the seam lines around each pinwheel. It was a bit of a pain to have to turn the quilt so many times, but I think well worth it. I definitely wouldn't do this kind of design on a quilt any bigger than this one though.

I left the white border relatively unquilted, other than a line of quilting 1/4" inside the border.

The quilt is bound with this really interesting but subtle pink stripe that adds some nice texture to the border

I stitched the back down by machine, which I definitely need some more practice on, it's a bit wonky but still functional.

The finished quilt is 1m x 1.3m, with polyester batting in the middle, everything was bought at GJs.

Some particular ladies have requested a tutorial for how I put this quilt together, so hopefully one of those is to follow.

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