Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ironing Board Make-Over

Thanks for the comments on cameras the other day, if anybody has any other suggestions they'd be gratefully received, I'm going to go have a look at cameras in some shops on the weekend and see if that helps work out what I want. However, today I have a finished item to share!

This project was added to my to-do list back in February when Randi at I have to say... announced that her February sew-along would be an ironing board cover. My ironing board cover was starting to look very sad; fading, scorch marks and the pad was in a pretty sorry state letting the grid of the board come through...

I used some furnishing weight fabric that I bought at Ikea a while back and mostly followed Randi's tutorial, but because my fabric was heavier than Randi's I didn't fold over the fabric twice, I finished the edge with a zig-zag and folded it once. Because of this I cut the fabric 3" bigger than the board rather than the suggested 4".

I also made a new pad for the ironing board with two layers of some left over cotton batting. My old pad had actually slid across slightly and wasn't centred on the board under the cover, so this time I decided to try something new - I've stitched the pad to the cover with a line of basting stitches just inside of the line of stitches for the casing for the cord. This also means that my pad goes around the edge of the board, which I think might be useful too. (if that doesn't make sense please let me know and I can take some pictures)

This project took a couple of hours, tops, and I'm glad that I finally got around to doing it.


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  2. i have to make one of these

  3. Ikea canvas makes the best ironing board covers, mine still looks brand new and I've had it on there for about 3 years now! I wish I'd stocked up at Ikea before moving back to NZ! I'll have to request a care package swap from the Perth girls ;)


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