Thursday, June 14, 2012

Branching out with the FMQ

After completing the quilting of my Concentric Hexagon Quilt with free motion stippling all over, I've become quite comfortable with the design. So, I have decided to branch out a little with the free motion quilting design for the next quilt I'm working on...

I was inspired to try this quilting design by this quilt by Sew Katie Did, and then in case I needed another push Elizabeth Hartman posted a tutorial on how she quilted it.

Now both Elizabeth and Katie call this style an "orange peel" design. However, as I still need a little practice on this, I've decided that mine aren't orange peels, but leaves; as leaves aren't all exactly the same shape and size ;)

PS: photographing white quilting on white fabric is tricky!


  1. Did you quilt all at the same time or did you do the leaves and then the stippling as a separate exercise? I would like to vary my FMQ as you have but worry that I might not end up in the right place or have to go over the same area twice.

    1. From memory, I did the leaves around the same time as the stippling. Thinking through the route you're going to take before doing it, for example even with a pencil and paper, helps. And worse case scenario, if you get 'trapped' you can tie off and start again. I guess i've become practiced at ending up in the right place with the stippling, so this was an extension of that.


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