Sunday, June 17, 2012

Clegs Remnant Sale...

On Friday Clegs had a sale - tables full of remnants and yarn reduced. So Misaya and I rushed down there in our lunchbreak to take advantage of the sale.

I bought a remnant of jersey fabric ($3.75 for a new t-shirt!), and some yarn for some socks and a mini scarf/neck warmer:

Misaya bought lots of yarn in lovely colours, I'm not entirely sure what she has planned, but it sure is nice to look at and stroke!

Yay for Sales!

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  1. Awesome!!
    I used to work around the corner on Collins St, now I'm on the other side at Exhibition, i miss my lunchtime trips to Clegs!
    I was going to stop by afterwork on Friday but thought all the good stuff would have already been snatched up!


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